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At Garden of the Heart Yoga Center, we teach more than just a physical yoga practice. We use smart, safe alignment techniques to guide you in and out of the poses, so you know you are doing them correctly. We weave yoga philosophy concepts into each class, so you get a better understanding of yoga as a way of life, not just a way of stretching. In addition to teaching poses, we teach breathing techniques, meditation, and deep relaxation, so you get a big-picture approach to experiencing yoga. Our teachers have advanced training and years of teaching experience, so you feel personally cared for in their expert hands as you pursue your wellness and personal growth goals.

We help tired, stiff, burnt out and stressed out people of all ages, abilities, sizes, and shapes!  Yoga helps you reduce stress and anxiety, gain strength and flexibility, and increase confidence and stamina. We can help you feel calmer and more balanced, develop a more positive outlook on life and aging, and help you reconnect with yourself at a deep level. You don’t have to be flexible, thin or strong to do yoga, you just need to have the desire to begin. Everyone is welcome- we meet you where you are and help you grow.

Garden of the Heart offers yoga classes at different levels, so that you feel comfortable in our supportive community setting. For new beginners, we recommend our signature 10 week Introduction to Yoga series, which prepares you to move into our ongoing Basic Yoga classes. If you have a strong practice already, we encourage you to attend Intermediate classes, which emphasize deeper back bends, more complex poses, inversions and hand balances. Or try out Sunrise Yoga for an early morning flow. If you’re looking for a slower, or more restorative practice, we highly recommend Gentle or Restorative Yoga, or our Mindful Movement classes. Click here for all of our class descriptions and class times.


New to Yoga?

Check out our Introduction to Yoga Series for Beginners!

You’ve heard about the benefits of yoga, including increased strength and flexibility, decreased stress, better focus and concentration, improved overall health, reduced body aches and pains….

You’ve been curious to try this practice, but have maybe felt worried to enter a class where you were the only new person, or think you’re not flexible enough for yoga……

Introduction to Yoga is a 10 week series that will teach you about the practice of yoga from the very beginning. People starting in this class typically have no prior yoga experience, and may be very stiff and tight! In just 10 weeks, you will start to notice significant changes in your body, in the way you breathe, in your posture, and in the way you look at the world.

The class meets once a week. Each class, you’ll move your body in lots of healthy ways, learn new ways to breathe, ways to relax your body and mind, and start to learn a little bit of yoga philosophy– the Why as well as the How of yoga.

Introduction to Yoga classes are currently suspended while the studio is closed due to covid-19. If you purchased an Introduction to Yoga package, it will be honored once the studio re-opens. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

10 classes/$100

All ages and ability levels are welcome

Call us at 941-341-9781 to register, or CLICK HERE  to purchase your Introduction to Yoga 10 Class Pass online. (This special 10 class pass is only good in the Introduction to Yoga classes and expires in 10 weeks.)

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Why Garden of the Heart Yoga Center?

Garden of the Heart Yoga Center’s teachers all have extensive experience in alignment techniques, hands-on adjustments and progressive sequencing. Classes are taught in a progressive style, with each week’s classes building on poses taught the previous week. Over the course of a month, each level class works toward a pinnacle pose, to help you grow and expand into the fullness of the practice of yoga. You will receive individualized adjustments in the poses to facilitate your understanding and learning.

Rather than moving students quickly from pose to pose, the teaching style at Garden of the Heart is slower and more descriptive. Teachers guide how to safely get in and out of each posture, paying attention to alignment, breath, biomechanics, and energy. Classes are often taught with a theme, to help bring you into your heart as well as into your body, creating a positive, uplifting, non-competitive atmosphere. Modifications are frequently suggested for students with pain, injury, or physical limitations, making yoga truly accessible to everyone. Props are used in nearly every class to provide safety, prevent injury, and create ease in the postures.

All are welcome at the Garden of the Heart, from brand new beginners to advanced practitioners.  Garden of the Heart Yoga Center is also recognized as an RYS-200 school for training yoga teachers.

Meet Our Staff

Garden of the Heart Yoga Center’s teachers all have extensive experience in alignment techniques, hands-on adjustments and progressive sequencing.

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