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200-Hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training

January – October 2017  |  Jaye Martin, E-RYT 500 |  Rita Knorr, E-RYT 500  |  Cheryl Chaffee, E-RYT 500

YTT Grad Ceremony

Our 2016 Graduates

The Garden of the Heart Yoga Center’s Yoga Teacher Training is a complete 200 hr, Yoga Alliance approved training in two parts, Immersions and Teacher Training. Completing the whole program (both parts) will enable you to apply for the Anusara Elements level at the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. In addition to those who want to teach yoga, students who wish to deepen their personal yoga practice will increase their knowledge about alignment-based yoga, anatomy, philosophy, Sanskrit, the chakras, Ayurveda, chanting, pranayama, and meditation. This comprehensive program includes required reading assignments, including the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. It also has a practical component where participants will observe and assist classes at Garden of the Heart, and a graded practicum is required in order for participants to receive their completion certificate. Homework assignments are given each month, and must be completed in order to graduate. Students of ALL levels who meet the prerequisite requirements are encouraged to participate. An advanced asana practice is not necessary.

The Yoga Immersion Program Includes the Following Topics

  • Full range of asana practices, moving progressively to more challenging poses

  • Sound biomechanical principles to optimize intelligent alignment
  • Basic anatomy as it applies to yoga poses
  • The history of Yoga
  • A variety of techniques for pranayama and meditation practices

  • Fundamentals of Yoga Philosophy, including the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and an Introduction to Tantra.

Prerequisites:: Participation in the Yoga Immersion program requires an application, along with a $100 deposit. In order to apply, we suggest you have attended a minimum of 30 hours of public classes with Jaye, Rita Knorr, or Cheryl Chaffee (either at Garden of the Heart or with other approved Anusara or Iyengar teachers.) In addition, it is highly recommended that you have attended a minimum of 6 hours of Master Classes with Jaye Martin, or have attended 6 hours of workshops in alignment-based yoga. If you have any questions about what is “approved,” or you don’t meet these prerequisites but still wish to apply, please contact Cheryl. Please download your 2017-immersion-application here. The deadline to submit your Immersion application is January 14, 2017.


  • January 27-29
  • February 24-26
  • March 17-19

Each weekend meets for 15 hours for a complete 45 hour training.

  • Friday, 6-9 pm
  • Saturday, 1-7 pm
  • Sunday 12-6 pm

Students who complete the Immersion Program are eligible to participate in the Yoga Teacher Training. This program picks up where the Immersion program leaves off, and focuses mainly on teaching techniques, including guiding students safely in and out of poses, how to teach meditation and pranayama, how to teach alignment principles, how to teach with a heart-centered theme, the business of yoga, how to do hands-on alignment adjustments, and how to teach beginners and special populations.

The YTT prepares participants to teach the major poses typically covered in the first 2 years of yoga classes. Each weekend focuses on developing skill in articulating the poses with greater refinement, becoming more deliberate, succinct, and clear, with a significant amount of time devoted to practice teaching, and includes feedback from the instructors.  It also includes take-home reading and writing assignments, practice teaching, apprenticing in approximately 8-12 yoga classes at Garden of the Heart, and teaching public classes as a graduation requirement.

The Yoga Teacher Training Program Includes the Following Topics

  • How to give hands-on assists and alignment modifications
  • How to use props to modify/enhance poses for students of all ability levels
  • How to teach beginners as well as intermediate level classes
  • How to cultivate confidence and inspiration in your seat of the teacher

  • How to prepare sacred space & hold the space energetically and physically

  • How to keep students safe by providing variations for common injuries

  • How to find your authentic expression and voice as a yoga teacher or practitioner
  • Includes modules on the business of yoga, working with injuries, prenatal yoga, and restoratives

Prerequisites:: Participation in this program requires an application along with a $200 deposit. In order to apply, we strongly suggest you have taken a minimum of 6 hours of Master Classes with Jaye Martin, and have attended a minimum of 30 hours of public classes with Jaye, Rita Knorr, or Cheryl Chaffee (either at Garden of the Heart or with other approved Anusara or Iyengar teachers.) These hours can be made up of a combination of yoga classes and workshops. If you have any questions about what is “approved,” or you don’t meet these prerequisites but still wish to apply, please contact Cheryl. Please download your  2017-teacher-training-application here. The deadline to submit your YTT application is January 14, 2017.

The training also covers the following topics:

  • Living Yoga – ethics and principles off the mat
  • Preparations & warm-ups
  • Sound biomechanical principles to align with the intelligence of the body
  • Effective teaching: using deliberate, succinct, and clear instructions
  • Creating meaning and purpose in yoga class by developing your message or theme
  • Sequencing for maximum effectiveness and safety – in a variety of settings
  • Common misalignments and how to prevent them
  • Anatomy and physiology for yoga teachers
  • How to guide basic pranayama and meditation techniques
  • Relaxation and basic restorative poses-to guide your students into bliss!
  • Practical resources for yoga teachers including insurance, social media, marketing, and more


To apply for the Yoga Teacher Training Program, participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrollment in an Intermediate Yoga class or higher throughout the program
  • Desire to help students develop and unfold their potential through yoga
  • Demonstration of a high level of studentship through words and actions


  1. Bhagavad Gita, any version
  2. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, any version
  3. Bringing Yoga to Life by Donna Farhi.
  4. Hatha Yoga Illustrated by Martin Kirk
  5. The Injury-Free Yoga Practice by Stephen Weiss
  6. Writing Yoga by Bruce Black
  7. Anusara Immersion Manual
  8. Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Manual


  • April 7-9
  • May 19-21
  • June 23 – 25
  • July 21 – 23
  • August 18 – 20
  • September 15 – 17
  • October 13 – 15

Each weekend meets for 15 hours.  Combined with the Immersion Program, homework assignments, reading and practice teaching, the entire program meets the 200 hour Yoga Alliance standard.

  • Friday, 6-9 pm
  • Saturday, 1-7 pm
  • Sunday 12-6 pm

“The Immersions and YTT programs were fantastic! Very knowledgeable instructors, very thorough course materials, very good class instruction on teaching students to go into and come out of the poses as well as on manual assists and adjustments! The format allows for the material learned in one weekend to sink in be processed before receiving more yoga knowledge. I highly recommend the training for new and experienced teachers wanting to deepen your knowledge. We are fortunate to have such a great resource in Sarasota!”

Quote from recent YTT graduate


  • For the 3 month Yoga Immersion Program Only, $750 (includes a $100 deposit with your application)  Or, 3 payments of $300 due Jan 10, Feb 10, and March 10.
  • For the entire 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Including the Yoga Immersion), $2950 (includes a $200 deposit with your application)  This is a $550 discount from last year!!
  • Payment in full for Immersions or the 200 hour Teacher Training is due January 14, 2017
  • A payment plan is available: 5 payments of $640 due Jan 14, Feb 10, March 10, April 10, and May 10, 2017.  ALL payments are non-refundable, even if you drop out of the program.
  • Textbooks and training manuals are at your additional expense. (guestimate $250)
  • If you have previously completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Garden of the Heart Yoga Center, you may repeat the 200 hour program at a 50% discount.  (No repeater discount on Immersions only.)

Questions?  Please speak to Jaye or Didi at the yoga center, or call (941) 341-9781.

Meet the Instructors

Jaye Martin, E-RYT 500, Certified Anusara Yoga® teacher, is a heartfelt teacher with a life-affirming, exuberant teaching style who generously shares his enthusiasm and spirituality with his students. He began practicing yoga in 1998 after dancing classical ballet professionally for over 10 years. Introduced to Anusara yoga by Betsey Downing in 2000, Jaye immediately resonated with its philosophy of radical affirmation, elegant Universal Principles of Alignment™, and therapeutic value. He is also an avid gardener and clarinetist. Jaye’s primary teachers are Betsey Downing, John Friend, and Douglas Brooks.

Rita Knorr, E-RYT 500, Certified Anusara Yoga® teacher, is thrilled to be back at Garden of the Heart where she was a student and teacher for several years.  In the interim she started a new eco-friendly cleaning product business, Savvy Green while continuing her study and teaching of yoga in St. Petersburg. Through principles learned in 25 years of practicing engineering, she applies a deep interest in alignment to the practice of yoga.  Rita is blessed to have had wonderful teachers that have guided her meditation, pranayama, and hatha yoga studies for the past three decades.  As a teacher of hatha yoga since 1997 in her yoga business called Fulcrum Blu, Rita has conducted progressive classes, sessions for students with special needs, weekend workshops and teacher trainings – primarily in Florida and Chicago.  Rita has taught other teacher trainings with Jaye and continues to be guided by numerous internationally recognized yoga instructors.  Rita received her Anusara certification in 2005.

Cheryl Chaffee, E-RYT 500, was first certified in TriYoga before undertaking her studies with Betsey Downing and Jaye Martin at the Garden of the Heart Yoga Center. Cheryl completed the 200 hour YTT in Sarasota in 2007, and was Certified in Anusara Yoga at the RYT-500 level in 2010. She has studied with highly qualified teachers including John Friend, Amy Ippoliti, Todd Norian, Desiree Rumbaugh, Douglas Brooks, and Bill Mahony. She completed Yoga Therapy training with Martin Kirk in Arizona in 2010. A skilled instructor since 2005, Cheryl enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities, and always looks for the beauty in students’ poses and hearts.  In 2016, Cheryl became certified and licensed in Ashaya Yoga as a teacher trainer. Currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand, Cheryl looks forward to coming to Sarasota to teach the June 2017 weekend of this teacher training.