Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, from all of us at Garden of the Heart Yoga.
Thanksgiving is always a time of celebration- celebrating the harvest, celebrating friendship, celebrating our family connections.  It is a time of homecoming, celebrating our roots, remembering where we’ve come from, and how we’ve come far.  It is a time of yoga- a time of mindfulness, a time of union, a time of remembering that we are all connected.
This year, as you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal, please know that I will be thinking of you!  I am so grateful that you have chosen to study and practice yoga at the Garden of the Heart.  I am grateful for our relationship.  I am grateful for the exchange of energy that allows me to keep the doors of the studio open, so that you may continue to expand into what is possible for you.  We are an interconnected web- without you, there is no need for yoga teachers.  Without teachers, there could be no students.  Without the ancient rishis and sages who were mindful to keep this practice alive and recorded, there would be none of this.  Without the visionaries who brought yoga to the West, and the innovative modern yogis who have made it increasingly more accessible, our practices would be very different.  I am so grateful for our connections!

The holidays are also a challenging time of year for many.  My wish is that when you feel the challenges of loss, or sorrow, or fear, you take the time to lovingly care for yourself.  May you remember that there are people who love and support you.  May you not fall into the realm of overwhelm, but use your discrimination to choose the seasonal activities that you find nourishing, relaxing, (or energizing!) and the ones which support your well-being, and let go of whatever causes undue stress, strain, or discomfort.
I’d like you to have a copy of the “Holiday Tip Sheet” that I gave out as part of the Fall Ayurvedic Detox this year.  (You can download the pdf file here. )  It lists some ways that you can create a more sacred feeling around the holidays, and reminds us not to get overly caught up in the hype.
I’d also love to have you drop in at the annual Thanksgiving Day Benefit Workshop, this Thanksgiving morning from 9-11 am.  The cost to attend is $30, which supports the All Faith’s Food Bank as well as the yoga center. This class is open to all, so bring your family members and friends, even if they are beginners. Your attendance will help the food bank provide meals to up to 20 people!  The class will focus on gratitude, self-care, self-love, and service.  When we serve others, we connect to the best part of ourselves. The class will conclude with Yoga Nidra, so you’ll be refreshed and ready for the rest of  your beautiful holiday.
 With love and gratitude,
Cheryl Chaffee, ERYT-500, Director,
Garden of the Heart Yoga Center