We’ve Sprung Ahead!

This weekend the US made the switch to Daylight Savings Time.  For most people, it’s just an annoying convention, which messes with your sleep, makes converting from different time zones more challenging, and is something fun and innocuous to complain about.  But, it’s also the perfect time to think about your own “springing ahead.”  What propels you forward in your life?  What holds you back?  What limiting thoughts, beliefs, or habits could you let go of this spring, to help free up time and space for the thoughts and actions that could help you move your life dramatically forward this year?  What can be your springboard?

After recently attending a 2 week yoga training in Chiang Mai, I came back to Bangkok and the following weekend attended workshops led by Amy Ippoliti, who was visiting Asia from Colorado.  After these experiences, I have been totally fired up, and I’m looking for more ways to explore and expand my asana and meditation practices.  Those three weeks of being really immersed in yoga was definitely a springboard for me.

I tend to get stuck in my practice.  I tend to identify with my physical limitations and issues, and use them as an excuse for why I don’t do this or that pose, or blame my vata constitution as the reason I don’t like to meditate.  I tend to do the same comfortable poses over and over again in my home practice.  But, I’m willing to look at these thoughts I have that are limiting me from experiencing more freedom in my body and mind.  I’m willing to “mix it up,” try something different, explore in a new way, and be open to the possibilities.  I’ve been more consistent in my practice.  I’m trying “new” poses that I haven’t done in years.  I’m working on shifting my fears into excitement.

I hope that your yoga classes at Garden of the Heart are a springboard for your life.  I hope that the stamina, strength, flexibility, and expansive thinking you experience and cultivate during classes help you find those same qualities in your every day life.  Because, that’s why we do the yoga after all, isn’t it?  To help us spring ahead?

Happy Spring,