Last weekend was my 49th birthday! As I begin my 50th trip around the sun, I’ve made a firm commitment to myself to practice yoga every day. Why? Because I want to be strong, flexible, and clear in my body and mind. Because it always feels good to get on the mat and stretch. Because I want to finally get my handstand away from the wall. But utlimately, it’s because I want to live in a way that my actions line up with my intentions. I want to feel like I’m using my time constructively, to improve my asana, inform my teaching, and deepen my relationship to Spirit. We all make resolutions and contracts wtih ourselves to make changes to our health, our diet, our lifestyle, our relationships, etc. and many times we end up falling short. But as a community, we can support each other, and hold each other accountable. So, if you see me at the yoga center, feel free to ask me how my morning practice was that day- and I’ll give you an honest answer. If you want me or someone else to do the same for you, just ask.

If you want to have a home practice, but are struggling with the where, when, and how of it, consider joining me on Feb 3 (Superbowl Sunday!) at noon for a Home Practice Workshop. We’re going to discuss the common ways we sabotage our own practices, and how to overcome those obstacles. I’m going to help you create your own individualized home practice sequences, and pair you up with a commitment buddy to help you stay on track. This workshop is open to students in all level classes who are ready to make the commitment to practicing regularly at home.

As the sign in the yoga studio bathroom says, “Discipline is remembering what you want.” It is our pleasure and honor at Garden of the Heart Yoga Center to help you remember and create the life you want.

In loving service,

Cheryl & the teachers and staff at Garden of the Heart Yoga Center

Many moons ago- my 8th birthday!