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Kirtan and Yoga Festival

January 1-3, 2016

  The Wah! Planetarium Concert and 3 Day Passes have SOLD OUT!  Tickets are still available for all other individual kirtan and yoga events.

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 FREE!  Pre-Festival Events:

Thursday, 12/31/15

Community Kirtan

What sweeter way to ring in the new year than with kirtan? Join us at GoH for New Year’s Eve, Bhakti style! Let go of your attachments from 2015 and celebrate the potential of living from your heart in 2016. We will chant mantras together from many traditions in our typical Community Kirtan Jam style. This event is free, and open to all ages.

Join us at 8pm for a vegan potluck. Bring a pure vegetarian dish to share, (no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, or honey please.) Bring your own reusable plates and silverware to help the environment. Bring your musical instruments and drums, because we are all going to play together. Bring your family and friends. Let us all celebrate as one.
Sign up is optional. Come as you are, come and go as you need to!

Friday, 1/1/2016

students in a restorative pose

Celebrate the beginning of the New Year by coming together with the yoga community to renew yourself and plant your dreams for 2016! Release the challenges of 2015 and establish the foundation of your new year with intention and loving energy. (And yoga nidra!) This year’s event will be led by Cheryl Chaffee, and is open to all GOH students, friends, and family members. All levels are welcome.

Registration is free. Donations will be accepted at the door for GlobalGiving’s Syrian Refugee Relief Fund. If you can’t attend, please consider making a donation at: (or go to the website to learn more.)

Because there is a limited amount of space for this popular event, please sign up in advance. After the class, we will celebrate the new year with a healthy “toast” and light snacks.

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Festival Schedule:

Friday, January 1, 2016

Cheryl Chaffee
Cheryl Chaffee and her kirtan band are delighted to kick off this year’s Rock the Bhakti Festival!
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Mark Selis plays Native American Flute
The Brand New Prana Kirtan Band is making its debut at Garden of the Heart for Rock the Bhakti! It’s sure to be a treat!
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Rick Franz
Rick Franz hails (seasonally) from Naples, FL. Join him and his band (including Mark Selis, Heather DeRigo, Steve Blom, Cheryl Lynn Patton, and Camille Archer, for an evening of sweet sounds!
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Shankh Lahiri
Join tabla master and kirtan maestro Shankh Lahiri for a not-so-traditional Indian kirtan! Shankh will be joined by Heather DeRigo on drums, Steve Blom on guitar, and Cheryl Chaffee on response vocals.
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Saturday, January 2, 2016

This is an alignment-based Hatha yoga class for people of all experience levels. Amanda’s teaching is fun, practical, safe, and effective at helping you find balance, tap into your strength, create flexibility, and feel your best. Previous yoga experience is helpful to get the most out of this class.
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This is a beginner-friendly, alignment-based Hatha Yoga class. Randall presents poses and preps in an informative, easy to understand way. All are welcome, even those brand new to yoga.
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Wah! explores the nature of healing and relationship through sound:­ how sound is made in the body, how to expand the breath, and how to use elements of light, tone and meditative visualization for healing and self ­renewal. Simple meditative techniques will show you ways to bring harmony and peace into your life. It’s fun, it’s meditative, you will leave refreshed and connected to your Self.
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Blue Spirit Wheel
Join Blue Spirit Wheel for an evening of sublime mantras and thumping grooves! On tour from Atlanta, GA, Blue Spirit Wheel is a progressive evolution in the world of mantra music. Based on the fundamental rhythms contained within the Sanskrit language, the band uses solid bass lines, tribal drum beats and an improvisational vocal style to create soundscapes that draw the listener into a deep state of meditation and consciousness expansion. The audience is invited to participate by chanting simple mantras along with the music, interact with the sounds through dance and movement, and enter a receptive space where the vibrations of the Sanskrit can create profound transformation.
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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Stephen Gillum
Meditation is the perfect way to start your day. Stephen masterfully guides you through relaxing your body, calming your mind, and offers a variety of techniques and tips to help you create a calm focus for the rest of your day. No experience is required. This class is offered by donation.
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This is an alignment-based Hatha yoga class for people of all experience levels. Cindy’s teaching is heart-felt, creative, safe, and effective at helping you find balance, tap into your strength, create flexibility, and feel inspired. Previous yoga experience is helpful to get the most out of this class.
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Cheryl & Hanuman
Learn to chant the 40 verse Hanuman Chalisa with Cheryl. Words will be provided. This powerful poem, set to music, helps you tap into your power and potential as we remind each other of our greatness.
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Missy Balsam
Join Missy and friends for a night of ecstatic chant, inspirational grooves and open- hearted connection. Spread the word, bring your friends, and let’s raise the roof with joy!
Missy is accompanied by George Benjamin: Percussion, Bobby Griffis: Guitar, and Todd Scoville: Bass
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Wah! planetarium show
The Healing Concert
Heal yourself. Heal Mother Nature. The Healing Concert uses visual and sonic images of our universe to create a feature­length presentation of profound beauty. Slow moving, calming laser lights and visual projections create patterns found in Nature such as constellations in the sky and Northern Lights on the horizon. Wah! performs live, her beautiful voice, loops, delays, and keyboards gently guiding audiences into deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Healing Concert is a song cycle, which is a group of songs, poems, improvisations and spoken word expressed as one cohesive performance. Wah!’s evening length song cycle is a story of hope and renewal.


Special Limited Time Offer: 3 Day Festival Pass for $125  SOLD OUT!

3 Day Festival Pass $145  SOLD OUT!

Friday Only Pass $40/$45 after Dec 31

Wah! Workshop $45/$50 after Jan 1

Wah! Planetarium Concert $35/$45 after Jan 2  SOLD OUT!

Blue Spirit Wheel $20/$25 after Jan 1

Shankh & Friends $20/$25 after Dec 31

Missy Balsam $15/$20 after Jan 2

Rick Franz $15/$20 after Dec 31

Cheryl Chaffee $10/$15 after Dec 31

Prana Kirtan Band $10/$15 after Dec 31

Hanuman Chalisa $10

Yoga Classes $16


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