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Yoga is one of the most respected methods of self-care and personal development. It calms the nervous system and balances the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. It is a highly effective set of techniques to enhance health and vitality, by promoting energy flow throughout the body, and includes physical poses, breathing exercises, meditation and deep relaxation. These practices also enhance deep peace and contentment, and facilitate living with greater wisdom, ease, and grace. Classes at Garden of the Heart include detailed alignment instructions and hands on adjustments, some basics of yoga philosophy, pranayama, relaxation techniques and heart-oriented themes.

Introduction to Yoga is an 8 week series offered at Garden of the Heart Yoga Center that will teach you about the practice of yoga from the very beginning.  All you need is the ability to get up and down to a mat on the floor. Students beginning in this class have little or no prior yoga experience, and may be very stiff and tight! In just 8 weeks, you will start to notice significant changes in your body, in the way you breathe, in your posture, and in the way you look at the world.  See all the details on our home page.

Basic Yoga is a class for new beginners who have never tried yoga before, or for students who want to refine their understanding of alignment in the poses. Basic poses are taught so the student has a firm understanding of the foundations of yoga. Poses may include standing poses, balancing poses, basic back bends, seated poses, twists, forward bends, and sun salutations. Each class ends with deep relaxation (Savasana.)

This class is ideal for those who already practice yoga and feel ready to extend their practice to more complex poses. Each month focuses on a different variety of poses, building from week to week so you can progressively move deeper into your practice. A wide variety of poses are taught, including deeper back bends, arm balances, inversions and preps for inversions. Yoga philosophy as it relates to daily life, breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation are also included to offer a full experience of yoga. It is recommended that students have at least 6 months of yoga instruction before moving into this class.

This class is for students with an extensive yoga background, with permission of the teacher. Each month will progress toward challenging, advanced poses, including inversions, arm balances, standing, seated, revolved, and bound poses. Students must be able to hold a freestanding headstand, kick unassisted into handstand and Pincha Mayurasana at the wall, and push up to Urdhva Dhanurasana with straight arms. Alignment principles and yoga philosophy are studied in greater depth. Pranayama, meditation, and relaxation are also incorporated. Regular practice outside of class is expected.

This class accommodates a variety of yoga experience. The instructor will gear the class to the majority of the students with variations and modifications given to accommodate both beginning and experienced students.

This is a healing and rejuvenating class for all levels. It includes gentle stretches, breathing, and restorative poses, as well as simple movements to increase range of motion of the major joints. It is ideal for students with chronic symptoms such as muscle/joint pain, stiffness, weakness, or fatigue, or anyone who wants a restful practice.

This class guides students through the eight limbs of yoga; right action, sense withdrawal, inner focus, stretching, strengthening, dynamic breath practices, conscious relaxation and meditation. Props and alignment instruction allow a relaxed meditative yoga practice for good health and enlightenment. All body types welcome. Every class includes Yoga Nidra, an extended, deeply relaxing reclined meditation.

Kirtan is a practice of Bhakti Yoga, of music, singing, and devotion. As we chant ancient holy mantras, we are carried higher by their spiritual vibrations, reconnecting us with the source of Love and creation and opening our hearts to Divine bliss and realization.
This one hour meditation session is an opportunity to connect with the stillness within. Drop-ins and all levels of experience with meditation are welcome.

Connected Warriors is a free yoga class for Veterans, active military service members, and their immediate family members.  Yoga has been shown to help military service members and veterans with stress, relaxation, PTSD, pain management and insommnia, in addition to improving balance, strength, and flexibility.  This free class is one small way we love to give back to those who have given so much!

Price Options

  • Individual Class Drop-in: $18
  • New Student Special: 4 classes for $40 (2 week expiration)
  • Intro to Yoga Series: 15 Intro classes and a free yoga mat for $150 (8 week expiration)
  • 5-class pass: $70
  • 10-class pass: $130
  • 20-class pass: $240
  • Frequent Yogi pass:  10 classes for $100 (30 day expiration)

Seniors 65+: 5% off 5, 10, or 20 class pass
Veterans/Military: 10% off 5, 10, or 20 class pass
Full-Time High School or College Student rate: $10/class (please show your student ID)

Except where otherwise noted, class passes do not expire. All class passes and workshop registrations are non-refundable.



You may purchase classes online, pay at the studio with check, cash, or credit card, over the phone with a credit card, or send your payment to the mailing address:

Garden of the Heart Yoga
2888 Ringling Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34237