The number 108 is important in yoga philosophy- it represents Unity (1), Nothingness (0), and Infinity (8 turned sideways).

For 108 days, from January 8th through April 25th, 2018, we will study the practice of yoga together.  Yoga is much more than just doing poses (asanas), it includes contemplation of yogic texts, meditation, pranayama (breathing), self-inquiry, and is a way of living in the world with integrity and love.


Each week, you will receive the following materials to support your home practice and study of yoga:

  • a live or recorded video, approximately 20 minutes long, with warm ups for a different pinnacle pose each week.  This will the the pose you will practice all week long.  A week to focus on a particular pose will help you gain a deeper understanding of the asana, your body, your tendencies and resistances, and will help you improve the particular strength and/or flexibilities the pose requires.
  • a guided meditation or pranayama practice, approximately 10-15 minutes long.  This will be either video or audio format.
  • a live or recorded kirtan or japa (chanting) practice, approximately 5-10 minutes long.  Each week will be a different mantra.
  • a written exploration/contemplation/group discussion of one of the yoga sutras, a passage from the Bhagavad Gita, or other yoga text.  We can discuss in the group forum.
  • one of my favorite vegetarian recipes and information about exploring or transitioning to a cruelty-free diet. Ahimsa!
  • other inspirational quotes, pictures, musings and more.

Using these materials each day for 108 days is a beautiful way to make a transformation in yourself.  It’s a gift you can give yourself to support your hopes and intentions for the new year.


What you need to participate:

  • willingness to try
  • no particular skill or flexibility in yoga is required- modifications will be given to make poses accessible.  If you can get up and down to the floor and have a generally average level of strength/stamina, you can do this.  More challenging variations will be given also, for those with more experience.
  • a computer or smart phone that will allow you to download mp3 and mp4 (audio and video) files if you wish to save the materials.
  • a Facebook account
  • all reading material will be provided (yoga sutras, etc.)
  • be able to commit to approximately 30 minutes each day for a home yoga practice/study (it’s OK to take days off, too.)

ALL VIDEOS AND LIVE EVENTS WILL POST AT 7:00 AM EASTERN US TIME, but you can access them anytime thereafter.



To make this accessible to everyone, there are 3 payment options. (The amounts shown are for the whole 16 week program.)  You can choose whichever one fits your budget.  Everyone gets the same materials. (Even the highest priced option is only $1 per day.)

To join, please click above on the amount you are able to pay. Once your payment is processed, you will get an email with a link to join the private Facebook group, and the fun will begin on 1/08.  You can join at any time until April 24th, the materials are yours to download and keep.


Challenge 108 will be led by Cheryl Chaffee, E-RYT-500, a certified and licensed Ashaya Yoga® teacher, in the style of Ashaya Yoga®.  Cheryl has been teaching alignment-based Hatha Yoga since 2007.  She is the owner and director of Garden of the Heart Yoga Center, and she currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand.


Testimonials from previous Challenge 108:

“I am really loving your explicit written instructions accompanied by the visual aids, in photos or videos. Thank you so much.”

“Loving this series – look forward to each day! Thank you!”

I love your detailed explanations.”

“Loving your photos of the pose with comments around the body! I am a visual learner and they are very helpful.”